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WiMAX Spectrum Assignment in Bangladesh

For Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) which mostly referred to as WiMAX, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) had the following Regulatory and Licensing Guidelines for the BWA license applicants (described in No. BTRC/LL/BWA(275)/2008-1033, section 10)

1. Spectrum bands 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz have been considered for BWA Service License.

2. A contiguous 35 MHz of unpaired spectrum from 2.3 GHz band (2330-2365 MHz and 2365-2400 MHz) will be assigned to two of the licensees. This allocation of 35 MHz is inclusive of guard bands where all the licensees must keep 5 MHz of spectrum as guard bands from the higher portion of the assignment.
Operator A [2330-2365 MHz]
Operator B [2365-2400 MHz]

3. A contiguous 35 MHz of unpaired spectrum from 2.5 GHz band (2585-2620 MHz) will be assigned to one of the licensee. The assignment of 2615-2620 MHz is to be kept as mandatory guard band between its TDD and future FDD assignment.
Operator C [2585-2620 MHz]

4. 35 MHz contiguous channel will be allocated to each operator to provide BWA services. Per channel bandwidth should be either 5 or 10 MHz.

5. The spectrum assignment will be inclusive of guard bands needed for the operation of the equipment to avoid interference to adjacent equipment operating in adjacent bands.

6. In case license for BWA service is cancelled / terminated for any reason, the spectrum allocation shall stand withdrawn.

7. The Successful Applicant(s) shall abide by the coordination agreements, either current or future, which shall ensure the harmonization of spectrum usage.

8. The Commission reserves the rights to make any rearrangement in the assignment within the band if required and the equipment shall have the provision to readjust according to that rearrangement.

9. Two pairs of frequency will be assigned from and above 18 GHz band, subject to
Requirement/availability to build their own point to point link for inter BTS connectivity.


Augere’s WiMax revolution in Bangladesh: A Press Release



Two months after launching its WiMax business in Bangladesh, we caught up with Augere’s Director of Commercial and Business Development, Martin Harriman, to answer some of the comments posted on the Augere website and to see how much progress has been made by its wholly owned service provider, Qubee (

So Martin, tell us what you have been up to since the launch in July?

“We have been very busy. Together with our team at Qubee we have been establishing the distribution and retail network, recruiting personnel and putting the infrastructure in place which will deliver our wireless broadband in Bangladesh.”
Quite a lot of comments were posted on the website by people asking for certain areas to be covered – how will the service be rolled-out?
“Yes, I saw that. We were surprised by the level of comments we received on the Augere website, not least by the supportive and welcoming sentiments which many people expressed. The roll-out will begin in Dhaka. We aim to launch in early October, after Eid. Gulshan and Banani will be the first two areas to receive coverage. The second phase roll-out in Dhaka will take place in November and that will cover the entire city. In response to some of the specific area questions that were asked, Sylhet will be connected in the first half of 2010 and Narayangonj will also be connected in 2010.”
And after that? What about the rest of the country?
“Well the truth is that the license drives us on coverage. By taking it on we committed to provide a certain level of coverage across the country. Under the terms of that agreement every District Headquarter will be connected before the end of 2010. So it’s going to happen and we’re very excited about the expansion of this service and what it will mean for Bangladesh.”
What are the practical barriers in technology and what new shared business models will be required to lower costs further and extend appeal beyond urbanites into rural areas?
“There are no practical barriers to the technology: it is perfectly suited to Bangladesh. As for shared business models we are looking at how to establish ‘white label’ partnerships whereby we resell network capacity to partners who then market it to their own customers. Although we have no plans to do this just yet it is something we’ll consider in more depth during 2010.”
So what connection speeds will you use and how will it work for customers?
”We are conscious that broadband providers around the world quote huge Mbps service speeds but when customers check for themselves they get a fraction of that speed performance. Our ethos has always been to provide customers with the service they pay for. That means for example a 2.3GHz frequency service which will actually deliver as close to 512kpbs as possible. We can’t promise a minimum download speed because it’s a shared medium. But what we can promise is to install enough base stations so as to provide the capacity that customers pay for.
When we go live in Dhaka we’ll be offering try-before-you-buy booths for people to test the service and when they sign-up we’ll provide the WiMax equipment and installation to ensure it’s all working properly. . For the Dhaka roll-out we have 200 engineers that will be busy helping new users get connected. ”
What will the price plans look like? How will the service be packaged?
”Although we have not finalised the packages just yet what I can say is that they’ll be simple. Customers will purchase a speed and a download limit and there’ll be a number of packages – about three or four – which will allow for varied needs. ”
Will there be a package for professionals? Will it be at least 1Mbps?
”We will offer a small business package and that will offer higher speeds for upload and download than consumer packages. I can’t be definitive on how fast it will be but I would expect it to be in the order of 1Mbps; in other words, similar to the service we provide in Pakistan.”
One of the comments we received asked whether there were any health associated with the service; are there any?
”No there are none. We are not using technology which requires very high levels of power output so there are no health dangers whatsoever. ”

BanglaLion Wimax wireless Internet package list

BanglaLion WiMax wireless Internet Packages

Banglalion WiMAX packages January 2010

* * Fair Usage Policy Applicable
* Additional Usage Tk. 0.15/MB
* All charges are excluding VAT
* Buy Banglalion service during DITF (Trade Fair) 2010, pay for January 2010 and enjoy free usage in February 2010.

Banglalion Devices

Outdoor Unit (ODU): Taka 10,000.
Indoor Unit (IDU): Taka 4,000.
USB Dongle: Taka 3,500.

Starter WiMax Package
128 kbps | 3GB/month
For Basic Home Users
Light downloading and regular surfing
Ideal for emailing, blogging, instant messaging, Social networking etc.
Perfect for home surfing.

Value WiMax Package
256 kbps | 5GB or 8GB/month
For Average and medium internet user
Online shopping, sending photos & downloading music
Supports surfing for 2 to 3 users simultaneously

Perfect for home surfing.

Value Plus WiMax Package
512 kbps | 10GB or 15GB/month
For Average and medium internet user
Online gamming & banking
Downloading, uploading & heavy surfing
Ideal for video and music streaming
Perfect for home surfing

Home Plus WiMax Package
800 kbps | 15GB/month
For Faster internet user
Online gamming & banking
Ideal for video and music streaming
Supports surfing for 2 to 3 users simultaneously
Perfect for home surfing

Home Pro WiMax Package
1 mbps | 18GB/month
For Faster Pro internet user
Online gamming & banking
Uploading & Downloading video
Extreme surfing
Live Video and music streaming
Supports surfing for 2 to 3 users simultaneously
Perfect for home surfing

Mega WiMax Package
2 mbps | 25GB/month
For Fastest internet user
Frequent Downloading, uploading & extreme surfing
Ideal for constant video and music streaming, heavy online gaming etc.
Supports surfing for 2 to 6 users simultaneously
Perfect for home surfing

Jumbo WiMax Package
5 mbps | 30GB/month

Heavy internet user
Frequent Downloading, uploading & extreme surfing
Ideal for constant video and music streaming, heavy online gaming etc.
Supports surfing for 2 to 6 users simultaneously
Perfect for home surfing

To Get any of these packages, please contact
Banglalion Communications Ltd.
Silver Tower (18th Floor)
52 Gulshan Avenue, Circle-1

Phone: +880-2-8817576, 8816656, 8816639
Fax: +880-2-8816313


WIMAX in Bangladesh: Licence for WIMAX has been distributed

Three companies, Bangla Lion Communications, Brac Bdmail Network Ltd and Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, have won licenses to operate WiMAX or Broadband Wireless Access in Bangladesh. These three firms purchased the licenses in auction for Tk 215 crore, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission media consultant Abbas Faruk told

The auction started around 11:30 am at the capital’s Radisson Hotel and ended around 2:45 pm on September 25, 2008. The nine vying for licenses were Aguri Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd., Bangla Lion Communications, Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd., Brac Bdmail Network Ltd., Clearstream Ranks (Bd) Ltd., Mango Teleservices Ltd., P-1 Consortium, Telestar Communications Ltd and Vtel Bangla.

Bangla Lion Communications began by offering 27.50 percent of the revenue to the government, before the contest heated up.

The three companies that won will run WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology that allows wireless data to travel over long distances by various means, from point-to-point links to full mobile cellular type access.

The chief adviser’s special assistant MA Malek, in charge of post and telecommunications, told reporters earlier at the auction venue: “I have come here to observe whether the auction is being held transparently.”

On ISPs cutting internet fees for subscribers, MA Malek said: “This is the responsibility of BTRC to regulate. The commission did not have full regulatory powers in the past, but it will get them soon.”

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, who will issue the three licenses, has estimated that once WiMAX is functional the number of internet users across the country will cross 1 crore.

Sept 11, 2008 was the deadline for submission of applications. BTRC, who invited applications in August 2008, said a total 12 bid documents were sold, with nine companies eventually submitting their documents.

Internet service providers had originally asked the government to open up WiMAX licensing to Bangladeshi organizations qualifying on merit.

Mobile operators in Bangladesh and anyone having invested in them were barred from bidding for a BWA license.

The licence acquisition fee, fixed by the BTRC auction, will be supplemented by an annual license fee of Tk 3 crore [BDT 30 million].

According to the licence conditions, the winning companies will set up at least 90 base stations in the first year, and the whole country will have to be brought under WiMAX network within three years.

Foreign investment in the licenced companies should not be more than 60 percent and non resident Bangladeshis are allowed to invest at 70 percent ownership.

The licencees will have to file for initial public offering (IPO) within three years of the issuance of a license, and shall not be allowed to transfer any shares before issuance of the IPO without prior written permission from the commission.

Company Address:

BanglaLion Communications

House # 67, Road # 1, Block # I, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Phone: (880 2) 8814059-60, Fax: (880 2) 9885647

BRAC BDMail Network Ltd.

HQ & Operations; Kaderia Tower, Floor-12, 13 & 14, ZA-28/8/B, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212

Phone: (880 2) 9884635, 9884637 Fax: (880 2) 9884587

Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited

AQC Towers, 57 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000

Mobile: +44(0)7801712148 (Damian Reid)


more for Augere at

Fred Roeskestraat 123-1

1076 EE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Second Floor, Berkeley Square House

Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD

T: +44 (0) 207 887 4580 F: +44 (0) 207 887 4579

Spectrum Distribution (opted by companies):

BanglaLion Communications: 2585 – 2620 MHz

BRAC BDMail Network Limited: 2320 – 2365 MHz

Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh: 2365 – 2400 MHz