E-Learning & M-Learning in Bangladesh: Hopeless state to Dreamworld!

Access to computer, mobile and electronic devices has increased drastically during 2000-2008, irrespective of Bangladesh Government’s poor decisions regarding Information Technology issues. Such a change came not because of the increase in income, rather the decrease in cost of these devices. While the vast majority of the world has easy and cheaper access to Information Technology devices and services, Bangladesh has yet remained nearly 10 years backward (my own viewpoint). When Prof. Dr. Mohammad A. Karim ( the inventor of fastest train on earth), a Bangladeshi, (Vice-President of Research, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va, USA), delivered his speech in 2006 at the 10th Convocation of Independent University, Bangladesh, stated that “Technology obsolescence period is now one and half years,” I realized how backward we are getting day-by-day.

The technologically advanced world is enjoying faster and cheaper Internet connection and we are claiming 4 KB/s is a “broadband” connection! By the time we can send an email, they can download an entire book and finish reading half of it.

In a third world country, with IT ignorant, slow, selfish and heartless government, I left hope of getting something good for this country as long as government support is concerned. Many NGOs came into being and getting handsome amount of donations and showed better achievements.

Scholars like Dr. A. Karim, Dr. Badrul Khan and many other scholars of our country are going abroad and giving their time and merit to the best institutions in the world. Why are they not here? There is a saying, “If child does not cry, mother even does not feed him milk.” We (as a country) did not and still do not know how to ask for our own requirements. E-learning framework provided by Dr. Badrul Khan will surely teach us the way. Question is How?

Using E-learning, it is now possible that instructors from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc. and students from all over Bangladesh can study in the same virtual classroom. Color, status, race etc. nothing can be a boundary here. While Government seem to be a problem in Bangladesh, there are countries in the world who provide genuine certificates based on true evaluation. In this case we need some examination centers equipped with computers, Internet access and power backup. Easy way would be getting some laptops, Wireless internet connections which do not require power supply and classes will go on!

Now the question is, how do our rural, more distant and truly needy people will get the required education. D.Net has already established some telecenters in Bangladesh, through which they are providing information and presentations using multimedia projection. People learn various aspects of agriculture, farming, business, school, college, universities and even technology training. E-learning and M-learning approaches can be put on effect here.

Presently, some scholars from different institutions of Bangladesh formed an E-learning society and working the policy, procedures and process documents to formally begin implementation.

In my next writing I shall put a literature review on E-learning and M-learning.


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  2. this is a great review about IT industry of Bangladesh. IT industry has been a revolution in our country and we need nothing but support from the Govt. There are so many obstacles in this field but I am sure that young generation of our country will overcome all the obstacles.

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